You can help make a house a home

So many people with disability end up in long and unnecessary hospital stays because they have nowhere else to go.

We now have the house ready for five people with disability, built to their needs, with a room for a sleep-over support worker, to ensure our clients are supported overnight.

We need support to help us make this house a home - one that is suitable, inviting and immediately ready to welcome people with disability in time for Christmas. Our aim is that this home will be a space for our clients to connect and enjoy the outdoor area this summer, full of all the furnishings and touches that a home should have.

Thank you for helping to make a house a home this Christmas.

Together we are able. Thank you for your generosity.

If you have any issues donating online and wish to speak to our fundraising team about your donation, please call 1300 220  602 or email us: [email protected]


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Gift Christmas Appeal 2021

Around Australia there are approximately 1,000 NDIS participants in hospital ready to be discharged but with no place to go. Your support will help move people out of hospital and into a welcoming home environment. Help make a house a home this Christmas.

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